Viles Law Firm

The attorneys at Viles Law Firm have represented inviduals, corporations, and non-profit organizations in tax planning and tax disputes. We understand the balance which we must find between your desire to pay less tax and the government regulations which require that you pay tax. Tax statutes are often open to interpretation, and we strive to push the interpretations which are in your favor. Furthermore, with proper planning and supervision, our attorneys can minimize the chance of your triggering an audit.


We are prepared to assist you with:


  • Business Formation, Reorganizations, Distributions, Redemptions, and Liquidations
  • Corporate Counseling and Tax Advice
  • Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning for Individuals, Involving Family Businesses
  • International Estate and Gift Tax Planning
  • International Taxation
  • Private Letter Rulings and Opinion Letters from State and Local Taxing Authorities
  • Representation before the IRS and state and local tax authorities for audits, examinations, appeals, and litigation
  • Tax Issues in Divorces
  • Tax Exempt Organization and Nonprofits




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