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Viles Law Firm has earned a local, national, and international reputation for finding ways of opening doors which seemed shut. Immigration problems often seem insurmountable when you don't have a sponsor or when your sponsoring spouse refuses to cooperate. Let our lawyers open the door of possibilities for you. You may be a person of extraordinary ability with research and publications which entitle you to file for a greencard on your own. You may have suffered physical and/or emotional abuse while married to a U.S. greencard holder or citizen who has abandoned your greencard application or simply refuses to file. You may also have gotten your 2 year greencard from marriage to a U.S. citizen who then refuses to cooperate in turning your 2 year into a 10 year greencard or who has threatened you with divorce or even divorced you. You may have come to the U.S. on your own because you had to escape your country of origin.

Our attorneys are experienced in helping you apply on your own in these situations.


  • Extraordinary Ability (EB-1)
  • Violence Against Women Act / Abused Spouse Petition (I-360)
  • Removing the Conditions from Residence (I-751)




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