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Some foreign nationals are not immediately eligible to enter the United States with a tourist or work visa, to apply for a greencard, or to apply for Cancellation of Removal. The inability to return to the U.S. often creates serious emotional and financial hardship for the family which has remained in the U.S. Viles Law Firm is committed to removing the pain of separation. Viles Law Firm attorneys have the critical experience you need to obtain a waiver from the following grounds of inadmissibility:


  • Health Related Grounds, including a communicable disease of public health significance (infectious tuberculosis, HIV), inadequate vaccinations, physical or mental disorders and associated behavior that may or has posed a threat to property, safety and welfare of the person or others, and being a drug abuser or addict
  • Economic Grounds such that a person may become a public charge and utilize public benefits such as welfare or Medicare
  • Criminal Grounds, including Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude and most drug offenses
  • Persons, who entered or remained in the U.S. without authorization after the expiration of their I-94s or who have been removed or deported
  • Fraud or Willfully Misrepresenting a Material Fact, in connection with applying for a visa, or any other immigration benefit
  • Falsely Claiming Citizenship
  • Unlawful voting


Security Related Grounds, including espionage, sabotage, illegal activity, terrorist activity, association with terrorist organizations, membership in a totalitarian party (including the communist party), Nazis, persons who have committed genocide or torture, religious persecutors, etc.




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