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Your business needs the best talent from anywhere across the world for you to take your success to the next step. Our expertise lies in turning the wheels of immigration for you to bring the best and brightest to your organization. You may need to bring people to the U.S. for meetings, training, long term assignments, or even permanently.

Our support does not just stop with bringing the talent you need to the U.S. We stay by your side providing the guidance you need to remain compliant with all the tax and immigration laws relevant to your employees and independent contractors. We work closely with your management and human resource personnel to ensure you follow the law. Our lawyers will oversee your handling of foreign workers, provide due diligence checks to maintain compliance, and keep you informed of changes in the law.


Our business immigration services include the following:

  • Corporate Compliance
  • I-9 Compliance


Visa Categories

  • B-1      Business Tourist Visa
  • E-1      Treaty Trade Visa
  • E-2      Treaty Investor Visa
  • E-3      Australian Professionals
  • H-1B   Professional Work Visa
  • H-2     Temporary or Seasonal Workers
  • H-3     Trainees
  • J-1      Exchange Visitor Visa and J Waivers
  • L1A    Multinational Executive or Manager Intracompany Transferee
  • L1B    Special Knowledge Intracompany Transferee
  • O        Extraordinary Ability
  • P        Athletes and Performers
  • R        Religious Workers
  • TN      Canadian and Mexican Professionals


Greencard Methods

  • PERM Labor Certification for GreencardEB1    
  • Alien of Extraordinary AbilityEB5    
  • Investment Based Greencard




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