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Asylum is a form of legal protection for you if you are afraid to return to your home country because you endured persecution in the past or fear persecution in the future. Persecution includes many kinds of harm from physical abuse, detention, and threats to you and your family. The persecution must be from the government or persons or groups which the government is unwilling or unable to control. You must be singled out for persecution because of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a social group. Viles Law Firm attorneys are experienced in developing your story according to the law of political asylum to increase your chance of success.

You must apply for asylum within one year of the date of your entry to the U.S. However, there are exceptions if your country conditions have changed or if there are extraordinary circumstances which distinguish your current situation from when you first entered the U.S.

We are experienced in applying for asylum through the asylum office and also through the courts.




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