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Estate planning is a process of identifying your wealth and your heirs and also discussing your personal health care wishes. Most people want the greatest level of asset protection possible so their assets may be passed on to their beneficiaries efficiently and with the lowest possible taxes. Viles Law Firm works with our clients to achieve efficiency and minimal taxation. We review your estate and offer options best suited to your goals for distributing your assets and supporting your loved ones. We also understand that you have a choice in your health care. We assist you in developing the documentation you need to formalize your wishes.


Your benefits from consulting with us on estate planning will include:


  • Asset Protection
  • Division of your estate amongst your intended beneficiaries
  • Designating the proper person to settle your affairs after death
  • Minimize family disputes regarding asset distribution
  • Minimize family disputes about the guardianship of minors
  • Minimizing or eliminating estate taxes
  • Financial and healthcare management in case of incapacity
  • Shield your assets from creditors




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