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You worked hard and accumulated wealth which you want to protect from creditors and litigants. You want wealth protection so that you can pass on your wealth as you wish. Proper asset protection requires that you be proactive. Don't wait until litigation commences. Frivolous lawsuits can rob you of what you earned. Justice often pales before the sympathy factor in the court room, and you can lose the results of your years of labor and success. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, property owners, and business owners are easy targets for lawsuits. Triggers for lawsuits which can deprive you of your wealth include: Automobile Accidents Business Partners Divorce Guaranteeing The Debts of Another Person Malpractice Misconduct Personal Liability of Corporate Officers and Directors Persons Injured On Your Premises Just as you get security for your home, you need security for your assets.

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